CTD (Crazy Tide Drifting)

Forza 3, drifting


The rules all members agree to by joining and what the penalties for not abiding by the rules?

  • All members must be at at least one  practice a week/ a month. If anybody wants credit for being with the team on a video you must be there to participate for the video.
  • If you cant make it to a practice or cant be in the video let me know and why you cant make it. That's the same if you wont be on for a while.
  • If you have any Ideas for CTD you should let the leader know.
  • All members must be on good behavior when caring the CTD name on there bios and the decal on there cars. Other wise you make the team look bad.
  • Do not talk crap to teammates or other teams.
  • All members must be on at least twice a week.
  • All members must view the team sight every week and register on it.
  • All members must answer the leaders or co-Leaders party invites or messages.
  • If you are a member of CTD you can not be part of another team on forza or any other game that we decide to do.

If the leader or Co-Leader has to tell any member more then once you will be demoted to a prospect, and if we have to keep telling you, you shall be removed from the team.


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